Frequently Asked Questions


How much do movers cost?

The cost of your move is completely unique to your relocation, which means that the size of your move, the number of items you are planning to relocate, and the distance between your old and new location are vital factors when it comes to the final cost. It is always best to call around for quotes, assess how much you want to spend, and consult with your moving company of choice. This is the only way to get a estimated cost for your relocation.

Do movers move plants?

We always advise our customers to relocate their plants on their own, simply because there are no guarantees of their condition after transport, and there are no efficient ways of “wrapping and protecting” your plants to ensure their safety during the entire process. We would never want to risk the safety of your plants, which is why we always advise our customers to take their plants with them

Are movers always late?

Once you decide to hire Placentia Movers for your move, we will settle on the most convenient date for it to take place. After that, we will settle on the best timeframe for our movers to arrive at your starting location, and this timeframe is a guaranteed arrival window in which our movers are obligated to arrive in. This means that your schedule will never be disrupted, and your time will always be respected.

Do movers pack for you?

With Placentia Movers, you can pair our packing services with any other moving service that you choose from. We offer a full pack service, which means that we will tackle the entire packing and relocation process on your behalf; a partial pack service, which will come in handy if you have packed the majority of your items, but there are a few which you didn’t have the time to, or simply avoided packing; and packing assistance, which means that our movers will arrive to your location, and only help you with the process of packing your belongings. The options are limitless.

How do movers pack clothing?

We offer our customers with wardrobe boxes on the day of their move, completely free of charge. This means that if you haven’t had the time to pack your entire wardrobe, we will swoop in to save the day, while providing your clothing with proper protection during the entire process, and efficiently transporting them to their new location.

How do movers charge?

Placentia Movers does not charge our clients for getting to their starting location, or returning to our warehouse after the move is completed. This means that your move will begin once our movers arrive, and you have signed the contract which indicates that the time has started. Once the last item is settled safely into your home, this is when our movers will stop the clock and the total time it took to complete your move will be calculated, and you will be provided with the final bill. It is important to note that Placentia Movers does not have any hidden charges that will pop up on your moving bill suddenly, so you can be at peace knowing exactly how much you will be paying.

Will movers take my bed apart?

We at Placentia Movers, offer our customers with rates that are all-inclusive. What does this mean? This means that our movers will disassemble your furniture, and reassemble them at their destination at no additional cost whatsoever, and they will also bring all the needed tools and necessary equipment to do so. This means that you won’t have to spend a second worrying about a single thing.

Are movers worth it?

Sometimes, you can hear about a negative experience with movers from someone you know. Yes, negative experiences are possible with any kind of service that you hire. However, taking the extra steps and researching moving companies in detail can bring some companies to light that will provide you with an amazing relocation, that is definitely worth your money. A moving company that does their job respectfully, will easily alleviate you from all the moving-related task and move you seamlessly, as if it never even happened.

How to find movers?

Searching online and asking your family, friends, co-workers or realtor for some referrals, are good places to start when searching for movers. Keep in mind that it is vital to verify if your movers of choice are licensed and insured, have experience in moving, and the needed resources to provide you with a successful relocation. Not every mover provides their clients with the service that they promise, so it is always important to find a company that best fits your moving needs.

Can movers move in the rain?

At Placentia Movers, our movers are provided with extensive training in order to ensure a seamless relocation for our clients even with some rain in the way. If the weather appears to be unfortunate on your moving day, our movers will bring extra protective materials such as moving blankets and shrink wrap, to protect your belongings during every step of the way. They will adapt to every moving obstacle and provide you with an impeccable service nonetheless.