Moving Dictionary, A-Z

Moving is one of the most stressful times in the lives of most people, and while it can be exiting too, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before, during, and after the process itself. This can be overwhelming for anyone that isn’t a moving professional, and sometimes you might need a few guidelines to follow along the way to make your relocation easier on yourself. We at Placentia Movers have gathered some key terms that can help you further understand your move and make it successful.

A – Assembly

Placentia Movers, a professional local moving company, offers our customers with furniture assembly services that are included in our rates. We will also arrive to your location with all the needed tools to do so.

B – Bubble Wrap

No matter what moving service you choose to go with, residential or commercial – the safety of your belongings is our main priority. Protecting your items with bubble wrap will ensure their safe handling and transportation as well.

C – Customer Support

As a professional moving company, we highly value each customer that trusts their relocation with us. This is why we provide each individual client of ours with constant customer support that ensures an enjoyable moving experience.

D – Dolly

Dollies are used in almost every moving endeavor, as they immensely ease the process of having to move heavy or bulky furniture. They have wheels which make transportation of your heavy items much easier, and it’s an overall safer way to maneuver them.

E – Expectations

Something that we always tend to exceed, Placentia Movers will gladly take your expectations into account when planning your move. We place great importance in the satisfaction of our customers, and this is why we always focus on even the smallest of details regarding your relocation.

F – Fast Service

With Placentia Movers, you are guaranteed to receive a fast, quality moving service that will fit into your schedule with perfection. We will go above and beyond and take extra steps to ensure that you settle into your new home right on time.

G – Guaranteed Arrival Window

When you hire Placentia Movers to perform your upcoming relocation, we will settle on the best date for your move to take place, and provide you with a certain timeframe which is a guaranteed arrival window for our movers. We take pride in our punctuality.

H – Hidden Fees

For the peace of mind of our trusted clients, Placentia Movers does not have any hidden fees or charges that will suddenly appear on your bill out of the blue. We are always upfront and transparent with how much we charge.

I – In-Home Moving

In-Home moving is another service that we offer our clients. This means that we will gladly offer our professional moving help with even the smallest of relocations, such as moving your furniture around your home, office and more.

J – Jeopardize

The safety of your belongings will never be jeopardized when moving with Placentia Movers. We place our main focus and attention to make sure that your items are always protected and safe, during the entire process of handling, loading and unloading.

K – Killer Rates

We have unbeatable rates that are affordable and competitive. Our moving services will easily fit into your moving budget, and will make your entire experience with us even more enjoyable.

L – Labor moving

In-home and inter-office projects are also considered to be a labor moving task, but also loading and unloading of your rental truck. Any smaller relocation situation that you may have, that doesn’t require a truck is considered to be a labor move.

M – Meticulous Planning

Something we at Placentia Movers tend to do before every move is performed, meticulous planning is an important part of every relocation. This way, we make it easier to stay on schedule and perform your move with ease.

N – Narrow Space

Moving furniture in narrow hallways, stairways or spaces in general can often make your move a lot more difficult than not. Thankfully, the movers at Placentia Movers have been trained to handle your items with care and caution in the most challenging possible situations.

O – Organized

Organized is what your entire moving process will be when you let our moving experts take over your relocation for you. We will provide you with simple solutions that will help you and your belongings stay organized during the entire moving process.

P – Packing services

Whether it’s a full pack, partial pack service or only packing assistance that you are searching for, our amazing crews of movers and packers will make your entire relocation venture all the easier when providing you with the luxury of not having to worry about a single thing.

Q – Quote

Upon contacting us, Placentia Movers will provide you with a free, non-obligatory moving quote which is the guaranteed rate for your relocation. Our moving rates are all-inclusive, which means that there are no hidden charges when moving with us.

R – Residential Moving

Residential moving is moving from one home, to another one – and it’s the heart of our business. We know exactly how to approach and plan your move, no matter how unique or difficult the situation may be. We will get you home safely.

S – Storage Moving

Storage moving can be a tricky ordeal, if your moving into storage or the other way around. Either way, Placentia Movers knows exactly how to overcome even the trickiest of moving obstacles, and provide you with the most efficient usage of your storage space.

T – Truck

One of the most vital aspects of your move is your moving truck. Placentia Movers boast our own fleet of well-maintained trucks of all sizes, that will undoubtedly accommodate any move, big or small.

U – Unpacking

Unpacking your entire collection of possessions can often be a stressful process. You’re probably tired from your relocation, and there’s still a lot to do. Most moving companies also offer unpacking services that can help save you a lot of time and effort when you arrive at your destination.

V – Vast Experience

Our two decades’ worth of experience in the moving industry allows us to provide our customers with the best moving services in Placentia. We will make sure that your move is a successful venture, every single time.

W – Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are often a lifesaver when it comes to local relocation. Placentia Movers will provide you with more wardrobe boxes than you’ll ever need, free of charge. This way, we ensure the safe and efficient handling and transportation of your clothing items.

X – Xtreme Dedication

The letter E wasn’t available, so here we are. Xtreme dedication is what you will receive from our movers when you hire Placentia Movers for your relocation.

Y – Your Wishes

Your wishes are always respected and taken into account when we develop the perfect moving plan for you.

Z – Zero Chance for Disappointment

Our experience and expertise have made us confident enough to say that we guarantee your satisfaction with our moving services. When moving with us, there is no room for disappointment.

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