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Tips For Packing By Professional Movers!

Packing is definitely the most crucial step of any local move, so the main advice local movers would give you is to hire packers and movers to help you. But if you wish to perform it on your own, you will have to follow certain steps in order to have a smooth and seamless relocation process. Your move should be only exciting, not stressful and we talked to local movers that were happy to assist by providing you tips that will help you pack like professional packers and movers. So let’s start from the beginning! 

  • Give yourself enough time to pack

The number one advice you will get from local movers is to start packing in time. The last thing that you want is to have professional movers at your doorstep and not being even close to being packed up. You should be packed at least a day before the arrival of local movers. How early to start? This is something that depends on the size of your home, it is individual. Also, not only the size of the home but also take into consideration how furnished your home is. The more miscellaneous items you have around your home, the more time you will need. So before you jump in and start packing, you should make a detailed plan of action in order to determine how much time you might need. Local movers will advise you to start packing as soon as you know that you are going to move and choose the date for the move. This way you will make sure you are ready to go when your local movers arrive. 

  • Sort your belongings 

Going through your belongings, room by room, and looking through every drawer and shelf to separate what to take to your new home from what you can live without is a very important step. When having packers and movers helping you with the whole process, this step is often forgotten, but the last thing you want is to have a bunch of unneeded items in your new home where you should have a fresh start. On the other hand, depending on how your local movers are charging for their services, you might even save some money if you have fewer items. Anyways, you will definitely save the time your professional movers will need to pack up your belongings

What to do with the items that you don’t need anymore? There are many ways to get rid of unwanted items! You can always organize a yard sale or sell your items online. There are probably many people who would love to purchase your items for an affordable price. Also, you will be able to earn some money that might cover the expenses for some affordable movers you have found. If you don’t want to sell your items, you can always organize a giveaway and let your family and friends take what they might need. Or you can donate everything to a local charity or Goodwill. 

Moving is also a great opportunity to sort out the items that you actually want to take with you. It will be easier for both, you, and your local movers to relocate the items that are well sorted. Not to mention how easier it will be for you to unpack them. Start with seasonal items, keepsakes, decor, and things stored away in closets, attics, or basements. This way, packing won’t be interfering with your normal day to day routine. 

Another tip gathered from professional local movers is to sort out your more delicate belongings from the rest of them. You want to pack these with special care. Don’t forget to sort out the most valuable items, such as paperwork, legal document, or high valued items close to you during the move. This will ensure your delicate possessions are protected, important items are not lost, and expensive items remain secure. No matter how trusted your local movers are, they will offer this advice because they cannot be responsible for some irreplaceable items. 

  • Gather packing supplies

As soon as you decide to move and call your local movers, you should start gathering packing materials. In case you are planning to have packers and movers helping you, you can purchase these from your professional movers. This might be an easier way if you are not sure how many moving boxes you might need. However, there are many online moving calculators where you can learn how many boxes you might need based on various criteria, such as the size of your home, the number of belongings you have, and similar. Or you can ask your local movers for a piece of advice, even if they are not packing up your possessions, they will be happy to help with their experience. You should invest in the most important supplies that will keep your items safe, and that definitely includes quality moving boxes. The good thing about having local movers helping you with the actual relocation is that they will bring all the wrapping materials and tools needed to disassemble and reassemble back your furniture. So the only investment you will have are packing boxes. If you wish to save some money, you can always ask your friends and family for some boxes or old newspapers they might have to lie around. Bear in mind that you will need boxes in various sizes, protective paper or newspaper, packing tape, large trash bags, markers to label boxes clearly. Besides this, if you want to invest, even more, you can purchase a dish pack. Or you can hire your local movers to help you with dish packing since that is the most delicate task. You can always use some items that you already have at home to save some money, such as kitchen towels, towels, plastic bins, bags, suitcases, etc. Local movers can still move those, as long as everything is safely packed and padded. Most of the local movers will provide you with wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, so you won’t have to worry about that. 

  • Be efficient and pack up safely 

Yes, efficiency is important, and we can all agree on that. So if you have only one or two days to pack up your home, don’t even try it, just call your local movers to help you out with both. It might be a bit pricier, but you will be secure your items will be handled properly and nothing will be damaged due to lack of time. There are a few simple rules that local movers want you to know so your items are safe and sound because if something is packed wrongly and gets damaged your professional movers cannot be liable. So here are some basic rules gathered from our experienced local movers. Firstly, you shouldn’t pack a moving box with anything over lbs, your local movers will be tankful. Also, make sure to use proper care to protect the items inside. And make sure there are no empty spaces inside the box, fill it out with packing paper. Use large plastic trash bags to transport soft items like linens, bedding, cushions, or clothing. This will save you time, and it is suitable when you don’t have that much time before the arrival of your local movers. Don’t forget to make use of unused suitcases, backpacks, and other personal bags to pack other items. This is an effective way to move personal items, important documents, and some clothes for the first few days in your new home, without using your limited moving boxes. And your local movers won’t mind moving those. Local movers advise you to start with the least used rooms and to continue towards the items that you are using every day. The ultimate goals you should have is to have your packing done before your local movers arrive, to pack them safely, and to have packing that won’t affect your day to day living. 

  • Label your moving boxes

This is also useful for both you and your local movers. For you it is useful when it comes to unpacking, and for your local movers to know how to handle each box and where to place it in your new home. When using packers and movers, the problem most people have is the complexity of unpacking, because they won’t sort out the items as you wish. So when you have the opportunity to pack on your own, you should make things easier for yourself. Chances are you will have more than one bedroom, and possible multiple bathrooms – keep your labels clear and specific. Besides labeling the box with the room where it should be placed, don’t forget to add notes such as ‘fragile’ or ‘this side up’ for the delicate items. This way, your local movers will be extra careful with fragile items and the chance for damage will be minimal. This label should be on the box clearly on multiple sides so your local movers can see it. 

  • Prepare your electronics for a move

You want to make your life easier, so make sure to keep any cords, wires, and cables organized to make setting them up in your new home easier. Don’t forget to take a picture of your electronic so you can have a guideline on how to connect them back. To limit any static electricity and ensure they are cool enough to move without internal damage, unplug all electronic devices at least 24 hours before moving them. This is important because your local movers are not liable for any internal damage, so if you have something too valuable, you might consider purchasing additional insurance. 

  • Learn what local movers cannot move

It is important to be informed about what local movers can and cannot move. There are some items that professional movers are not allowed to pack on a moving truck, no matter if they helped you with packing or not. You shouldn’t make things uncomfortable for your local movers by packing up some forbidden items. Many people choose to pack particularly valuable items in their own vehicles, as well as important or legal documents. If you choose to put higher valued or fragile items on a moving truck, make sure you receive proper additional insurance coverage prior to your move. It is usually something that local movers cannot provide, so find out where you can get it. 

Some of the items that local movers are not allowed to move: 

  • Flammable liquids
  • Aerosol cans
  • Fireworks
  • Any open liquid or powder containers
  • Fuel in power equipment
  • Water in household items like clothing steamers 
  • Barbeque with the gas tank 
  • Guns

Pretty much anything that is dangerous and that can cause some additional damages to the rest of your belongings. Any professional local movers care about your safety and the safety of your belongings, so you should have an understanding of this. 

  • Don’t forget the essential bag

This is something that most people forget, but our local movers are here to remind you. You should pack up an essential box or bag with the items that you might need during your first day at your home, or the first night. This bag doesn’t have to contain much, but you should have the necessities instead of unpacking many boxes in order to find linens or similar. 

And after all, if you are not sure whether you can perform your packing properly, you can always hire our local movers to help you out. Placenta movers gathered a group of professional movers and packers who are experienced and skilled to perform any local moving that you are planning. Not only are we professional, but we are affordable movers as well. In our hands, one is guaranteed – that all of your belongings will get to your new location in one piece. Don’t hesitate, but reach out to our team and get your free moving quote today. We cannot wait to work together with you and to provide you with the best moving service you deserve to have. Placenta Movers is here to help you out! 

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